Why Do So Many Students Turn To Academic Writing Services?

By Kevin Grunert

April 1, 2014

For those of us who have been through the feeling of being “crunched” by multiple essays all due within the same week at university, the thought of having one of your academic papers researched and written for you by someone else sounds like a perfect solution to the problem.

While I never took advantage of these types of services during my university days, I certainly take advantage of the services offered by freelance writers now to run my online business and prepare articles for some of my other blogs. In my case, I treat these articles as a “first draft” version of the final article, ensuring that I take the time to read it through and add my own personal voice in the article where appropriate, so that it better fits with what people expect from my writing.

This is much the same way that I would be recommending university or college students should be approaching services like these. While some students can afford to buy custom-written essays from professional writing services or authentic writers, others prefer to use research resources provided by their colleges or universities.

Because these essays are custom written for you, and not recycled, they will not set off any of the red flags in the anti-plagiarism software tools that many universities are now employing as part of their assignment submission processes. This way, the custom written essay will only require a brief read through and a few minor tweaks to make it sound like you wrote the whole thing if your lecturer or tutor knows your personal writing style – or you could even just turn it in just the way that you receive it.

The other type of resource that some students use is an online collection of pre-written papers that students or writers have submitted. Because these are readily available on the internet (sometimes for a small fee, sometimes totally free), they are usually indexed in the anti-plagiarism software and would result in academic sanctions if you submitted it as your own work.

If you’re choosing to use one of these types of pre-written papers, you will also need to keep in mind that it probably hasn’t been written specifically for the requirements of your course and assignment, so it is only really useful to give you a few ideas or pointers for topics you might like to mention, and suggestions for research papers and articles that you could cite in your own paper.

It is not easy to find a genuine writing editor because working full-time as a freelance writer is not an easy job. However, it is a lot easier now than it was even ten years ago, thanks to the rise of many online services that are designed to connect writers with people looking to buy papers that have been written for them.

In fact, if you’re a good writer yourself, you could even begin offering your services to others via these online platforms and earn some extra cash on the side.

How to get into Ivy League schools

By Guest Contributor

September 20, 2013

Most students dream of attending an Ivy League school after their high school education. Ivy League schools are reputed for offering word class education like no other. However, like many students know, admission to an Ivy League school can be a success or not. This all depends on how well one works on their application because there are very many international students who apply to such schools. Here are some of the ways on how to get into Ivy League schools.

To get into an Ivy League university or college easily, you should work on your grades early. A transcript that shows consistently good grades throughout high school increases the chances of you getting admitted. Apart from that, you also need to work on an outstanding GPA. Being among the top students in your school gives you a better chance to compete with other applicants who are also the best in their schools.

A typical application package to an Ivy League university or college includes a standardized test. This is one of the most critical areas of the application process. To better your chances of getting admitted, it is important that you aim at 700 or more points in your SAT tests. Earning 33 points or more in the ACT tests is also one way of ensuring that your scores need no improvement. Before taking an SAT or ACT test, it is recommended that one should prepare well beforehand. Repeating these tests more than once may look bad on your application.

Most students usually spend so much time working on their scores that they do not leave time to engage in other activities. Students who get admitted to Ivy League colleges usually showcase an all-rounded persona. Being good at a sport or other hobby may increase your chances of getting into an Ivy League school. It is also advisable that you engage yourself in volunteer work, not just at the local level, but also on an international level. Being in a position of leadership, for example, being a class president is also an aspect which is considered when such schools go through your application. This shows that you are not only responsible but you can also learn from the experiences you go through as a leader.

When applying to join an Ivy League college, it is very important that you know the school well. Visiting the college and asking questions about it is recommended. Not every Ivy League school offers the same courses as the others. This is also a good opportunity for you to know whether or not the school to which you are applying offers scholarships or other financial aid programs such as home tuition to their students.

One other crucial yet final stage of the application process is the interview phase. This last leg should be prepared for well because it gives you the opportunity to express your opinions and talk about yourself. Usually, such interviews are conducted by an admissions official or an alumnus of the school. Etiquette and good communication skills, backed up with a well-prepared application, will certainly help you secure a place at the Ivy League school of your choice.

College Paper Writing Service and Its Benefits to Students

By Guest Contributor

September 13, 2013

The primary focus of major term paper and college paper writing services is on on-time delivery, excellent quality, creativity, as well as originality of every custom term paper they produce. In the present day, college paper writing companies enjoy their status of the most reliable along with professional custom writing businesses in the marketplace. The main emphasis of their work is on quality as well as respect. Moreover, they are dedicated to the educational excellence because this is the basic principle related to development of the business.

College paper writing service. What is there for you?

All custom writing companies fulfill their promises; they are making the difference serving the clients with their requirements in mind. Excellent standards of the work have been attained through the means of continuous advancement within custom writing experience gained through many years of operating in the market. Along with wisdom gained through years of experience, these college paper writing services are very reliable in providing the most comprehensive support for an affordable price.

They spend a lot of time selecting and hiring the best researchers along with writers. Their employees are talented as well as creative persons, who take every assignment personally. They take into consideration each critical section of the business and guarantee the student’s success. These paper writing companies promise that their writers will perform whatever it takes to assist the student meeting their academic objectives. They take an excellent pride in the writers since they keep in mind that they are a backbone of success.

By recognizing the level and breadth of the essay writing company experience, they feel they are getting superior at composing as well as delivering term papers, custom essays, along with research theses, case studies on any types of academic topics tailoring for the needs of high school, University, College, Masters, and Ph. D. students. Almost all college paper writing companies have been working very hard to build up their own plagiarism detection programs for the student to take the benefit of safe, reliable, and personalized custom writing services.

These college paper writing services understand why their clients use their services, which write excellent term papers and prevent utilizing paper mills. You, being a smart student, should be aware of what you spend your money on. They, as a reliable business, endeavor to meet your requirements and expectations. These custom writing companies provide the student with any support, available to them at any moment; during day and night, just for your convenience. They have friendly administrators who are always prepared to give you any information you need. They deliver an instantaneous feedback to you.

They pay attention to each inquiry, because the fulfillment of the client’s instructions is really important for them. Like any similar company with long-term aspirations within the college paper writing services, their reputation is associated with great importance to them. With the unique customer care system, you may easily track your orders on the Internet, communicate with the support team, and contact them through phone as well as live chat at any time.

How Charity Work Builds Empathy, Compassion and Personal Success

By Guest Contributor

September 7, 2013

Charity has always been central in building character across all ages, especially so in children and young adults. It creates greater levels of empathy and compassion in people and forms a better-rounded person who can recognise and address the needs of others. Yew Chung International School (YCIS) recognises this and incorporates charity into its education. Read More about it here.

Seeds of Hope

YCIS provides a balanced education that does not solely focus on academic study. Attention is paid to extracurricular activities, which include charitable work so that YCIS students graduate to be well-rounded young adults. The Seeds of Hope project, founded after the devastating Sichuan earthquake in 2008 to help rebuild destroyed schools, operates across all YCIS campuses. This programme has grown to provide educational opportunities and support for the poorer and disadvantaged children living in Mainland China. All of YCIS’ six schools across China and the United States have their own charitable foundations and events. YCIS Beijing held a Hats for Haiti Day in March 2010 to raise money for the rebuilding effort in Haiti after it was struck by its own earthquake.

Charity in school forms empathy and compassion by informing students about how other people live, namely the challenges that the less fortunate face on a daily basis and how they lack what is often taken for granted. YCIS regularly has cultural exchanges with their sister schools in the Seeds of Hope programme. This allows the students to directly see the world through the eyes of others and develop empathy by feeling the emotions of others. You can tell people about the plight of others, but it requires understanding of their daily situation to develop genuine empathy and compassion.


Empathy motivates people to act more compassionately. Studies have shown that empathy levels can be increased with greater understanding of not just of the situation of others but what they are actually going through. It is possible to see how a positive feedback loop forms: basic education leads to empathy, creating a greater drive to act charitably, which in turn creates more empathy. There is a practical example of this from YCIS Shanghai. In May 2011, a Hui Hua, a Year 12 student, approached the Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Co-ordinator Luke Watson to propose a charitable event. Hua had been shocked by the continued presence of slavery and human trafficking and had the drive to do something about it. Hua, with the guidance of Mr Watson, planned and staged a fundraising event, which was not only successful in terms of funds raised, but also in raising awareness on the issue.

Reciprocal benefits

In addition to helping others, charity also benefits the volunteer. Research has demonstrated that charity increases the mental health of the volunteer by providing him or her with higher levels of self-esteem, senses of social connectedness and wellbeing. Greater levels of compassion and empathy can help students through all their lives. Improved mental wellbeing will benefit academic study and professional work. Empathy can help students have more stable friendships and relationships, as they are better predisposed to take on the positions of others. Evolutionary psychologist Dr Geoffrey Miller pointed out that work is often an important yet under acknowledged form of charity. Those working in lower paid, yet more socially beneficial jobs such as nurses, soldiers and teachers are foregoing thousands of dollars each year (given their considerable skills and talents) in order to improve the lives of others.

About Author:

Peter Sutherland is a British native, born and raised in Manchester. He has recently moved to Beijing to learn Mandarin and gain first-hand experience of Chinese culture. Peter is currently working with YCIS, an international school based in Shanghai and Beijing.

Going Back to School? Ask yourself these things…

By Guest Contributor

July 23, 2013


Having taught an awful lot of online classes and having seen alot of students succeed (and, yes, fail) at online learning, I often get asked what a person should consider before taking online classes. Here are just a few of the questions I pose back to them.

1. Do you have a positive attitude about education and learning in general? There are always going to be ups and downs in your education. But overall, can you sustain the enthusiasm and commitment to your degree program? If learning is a chore or something you’ve never enjoyed doing — then chances are this will be difficult too even if it’s online.

2. Can you see or connect to your peers as collaborators, resources who can help you in your learning experiences? In an online class, you can learn from anyone – even the other students!

3. Are you self-reliant enough to keep moving forward with your studies even if professors are not able to get feedback to you for 2-3 weeks? While there are some professors who are great about getting comments back on papers quickly (short papers — 48 hours), longer papers can take 5-7 days easily to grade and get back to students. In that amount of time, you’ve moved on to other readings and assignments. Can you keep moving forward in the interim?

4. Can you set high standards for yourself, and regulate your habits and activities to accomplish those goals regardless of the support or feedback received? This ties into being self-motivated and holding yourself accountable; knowing that while maybe you didn’t do all the reading, YOU know you didn’t do all the reading and you feel badly about it. College is too expensive to just “skate by.”

5. Can you hear even inferred suggestions for improvement from your professors, take that feedback, and improve? Sure, there is always the direct feedback (spell check before you submit your paper next time) but then there are the additional questions or comments professors often make that aren’t directives, but if you read between the lines, are there to help push yourself just a bit more (ie: Can you connect your readings to your work experiences? Provide examples for this?) These are gems of advice on how to do better on your next assignment.

There are tons of things to consider and think about when you’re getting ready to sign up for courses. Some things will be an easy “yeah – sure, no problem! I got this one covered.” Others you may have to work at. And that’s OK — it’s EXPECTED. But it’s easier to plan when you’ve had a chance to at least think about “oh – this could be an issue…” and have had a chance to think about it.