Free Essay Writing Template

By Kevin Grunert

December 23, 2008

If you’re a student who is having problems writing an essay, or a teacher looking for a worksheet to teach the conventions of essay writing, here’s a template that can help them write essays with ease.

It’s a worksheet that I’ve prepared which students can use when writing an essay, which reminds them of the importance for each paragraph to link back to the question they are responding to. It also has a few pointers in there and is a great proforma for students to use when preparing essays.

View/download my Free Essay Writing Template (Word Document).

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Instant Essay Creator: This software, created by Kristi Sayles who is a teacher and a tutor, helps make essay writing easier through structuring, scaffolding and prompting you through five easy steps to create an impressive essay ready for printing/submission online. This software is currently on sale for $37, which is great value for educational software of this nature.

9 thoughts on “Free Essay Writing Template

  1. Bethany on said:

    Woah, thanks a bunch for the essay scaffold. It made my work easier as well.
    You are improving my year 8 life 😀

  2. Thanks, saved me time. I’ll use it in class to teach my students re essay skills. Makes my life and theirs easier.

  3. Essay writing used to be hard and boring now thanks to the Free Essay Writing template i find essay writing enjoyable, and a good way to spend my lesiure time on the weekends thankyou A+ jacob yr9

  4. Kevin Grunert on said:

    I’m glad that you found it to be a useful resource, Sally. It was a big help for my students, which is why I chose to share it with others.

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